80 Best Farmhouse Gray Kitchen Cabinets Decor Ideas

Best rustic farmhouse gray kitchen cabinets ideas (67)

Kitchen trends go in and out of style but a few trends become design staples. Dark wood cabinets with granite is still considered a stylish choice after decades of popularity. White kitchens began as a trend and are still at the top of home decorating wishlists after several years. Gray kitchens began trending a few years ago and have now become another classic kitchen color choice.

If you’re adding gray paint to your kitchen, you’ll definitely want to sample it first with your countertops and appliances to be sure you have the right color. If your gray color will be coming from your appliances and hardware, they’ll almost always be considered a cool gray. Treating your metal appliances and hardware as a color in your palette can help you put together a balanced room. Don’t be afraid to mix and match metal hardware in your kitchen to balance warm and cool colors.

Here we’ve 80 Best Rustic Farmhouse Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas. Enjoy!

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