50 Rusic Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

Rusic farmhouse exterior design ideas (48)

Enjoying renewed popularity, traditional farmhouse plans have withstood the test of time. The most prominent characteristic of a farmhouse plan is a porch that stretches along the front of the home and may wrap around to the side or rear. A steeply pitched roof typically runs along the length of the home and is sometimes accented by dormers and gables. Other exterior features in these home designs include horizontal siding and shutters.

A simple farmhouse informs a simple lifestyle, and that’s something many homeowners look for in s sanctuary and the old way of life still needs to comfort to the new one. Some other prefers to make the farmhouse exteriors look classy. The overall shape may look laid-back, but some contrasts of glass windows on the side with a patio will make it look modern and new.

Take a look at the gorgeous 50 Rusic Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas! Get inspire!

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