50 Lovely Christmas Living Room Decoration

Lovely christmas living room decoration (58)

During Christmas all the people have a pleasant feeling and for this reason most of the houses are shinning. It is the only period of the year that our home is taking up too much care.

All the rooms of the house are decorated according to the spirit of the Christmas and the decorating begins from the entrance, where we hung a nice wreath on the front door. Christmas trees are decorated with colorful balls, bells, stars, angels and a lot of other figs. The walls are decorated with garlands and messages for Marry Christmas. The tables are decorated with red or gold tablecloths, with silver or crystal vase and large flat plates full of candles. The sofas are dressed with the appropriate drop clothes whereas the windows are full of small lights that make our home shinier.

In case that there is also a fireplace in our living room, it is going to host the traditional socks in combining with garlands, lights and anything else we like!


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