60 Stunning Rustic and Modern Bathroom Ideas

Stunning rustic and modern bathroom ideas (51)

We love the combination of sleek contemporary design, complimented by beautiful, well-worn pieces of decor or furniture. Rustic elements can warm up an otherwise cool modern design approach in any room, including the bathroom.


Clean white walls, gorgeous antique fixtures, reclaimed wood elements, and amazing lighting ideas that will turn your bathroom into a modern rustic haven. Rustic style means being close to the countryside, it seems that when you leave a rustic room, you’ll be outside. The main features are, first of all, natural materials like stone and wood, and also calm furniture.


When considering the design of your rustic bathroom, start with your canvas—your floors and walls (including the “5th wall”—the ceiling). Natural materials such as unpolished, rough-cut stone, exposed brick or distressed wood are good options to consider. Bringing nature indoors always helps create a natural, calming atmosphere. If you are looking for a bathroom that makes you feel cozy and comfortable, consider rustic bathroom décor.

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