55 Small Farmhouse Kitchen Inspiration

Small farmhouse kitchen inspiration (32)

Farmhouse kitchens certainly aren’t minimalist; as the central hub of the home, a true farmhouse kitchen should be full of ingredients and equipment to create a wide variety of meals. This doesn’t mean that they’re cluttered, as creative storage solutions provide a unique means by which to display and store your favourite kitchenware.

One of the most appealing elements of a farmhouse kitchen is its lack of uniformity; you can choose almost any colour scheme that works best for you and the space, whilst still maintaining a traditional farmhouse style. Light should be encouraged to flow throughout the room as much as possible, so many people choose cream or alabaster for their cupboards and units, as this can make the room feel much more open than it may actually be.

If you already have a large, open space with lots of natural light, a darker shade of sage or light grey also works well, adding depth to the room without overwhelming it.
Wood is the obvious choice of material for the finish; natural, rustic and traditional, there’s nothing better for a farmhouse kitchen. Some choose a uniform finish of the same wood throughout, usually timber for the cupboards and units, with oak or beech for the worktops.

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