40 Smart Low Budget RVs Van Conversion Ideas

Smart low budget rvs van conversion ideas (19)

For many people the idea of carrying out their own motorhome conversion is appealing – you can customise your vehicle to have exactly what you need and it can be a fun process too.
However, a large project such as this needs some careful consideration, so here are top tips to make sure it all runs smoothly:

Once you think you have found the perfect base vehicle, it is very important to take it out for a test drive and make sure you are happy with the way it handles. It is also important to consider how comfortable it is as you may be spending a lot of time driving it, and take your tape measure along to double check that there is room for everything that you need it to house.

It is worthwhile test driving on a few different roads, so if possible take it on country lanes as well as larger roads and test how easy it is to park.

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