75 Inspiring Cozy Neutral Bedroom Decor

Inspiring cozy neutral bedroom decor (68)

A rustic theme is a great choice for neutral bedroom décor. Add dove-grey bedlinen overlaid with checked blankets for a country feel – introduce hints of lace on pillows and cushions. Or for a hotel-style décor, pile up cushions and throws on the bed in clashing muted shades and patterns. Place a footstool at the end of the bed upholstered in natural linen.

A four-poster bed is a real showstopping centrepiece to a neutral bedroom décor and has a lovely romantic style. Recreate the look of a grand four poster by attaching sheer white voile curtains to the wooden rails, it will make you feel like a complete sleeping princess. Keep all bedlinen, walls and furniture in the room a fresh white.

If you have a bay window, make this the feature of the room and create a built-in seating area or place a relaxing neutral-toned armchair or chaise longue by the window and watch the world go by. For minimalistic chic, keep all aspects of the bedroom white, whether it is a traditional fireplace or modern desk. Add a pop of colour with accessories suh as turquoise cushions or a vase.

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