50 Light Bohemian Living Room Ideas

Light bohemian living room ideas (32)

The idea of a Bohemian style is to come up with a living room that defines you as an individual and not just a streamline home.A Bohemian living room gives you the impression that you are in another world with endless opportunities and possibilities, where ideas and creativity are not limited.

The colors you choose determine the mood of your living room. You should ensure your lighting is warm and eclectic to render your room comfortable. You can use antique lampshades and chandeliers to give your room a vintage look. The furniture that you select should be interesting with different shapes from the normal furniture, but at the same time comfortable.

Allow your imagination to run wild and display work of art in your room. Look for hand crafted accessories that are unique and beautiful and put it somewhere everybody can see and enjoy, such as the fireplace.

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