50 Gorgeus Neutral Living Room Ideas

Gorgeus neutral living room ideas (46)

Think neutral color schemes are boring? Nothing could be further from the truth. Neutral rooms can be calm and relaxing yes, but they can also be fun, energetic and full of life. The key is to use a variety of complimentary tones, mix materials, and play with patterns – just like you would with any other palette. Read on to learn more about how to decorate neutral living rooms…

When decorating with a neutral color scheme it’s really important to bring in a variety of patterns and textures. By offseting rough with soft, shiny with matte and coarse with smooth, it’s possible to create depth and interest, making the room more dynamic. Think about using textures such as linens, suede’s, velvets, cable knits, sheepskins and more.

When it comes to using textures in a neutral living rooms you can almost never have too many. Patterns are similar in that you need some to create contrast, but try to stick with the regular rules for mixing patterns.

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