50 Cute and Comfy College Dorm Apartment Decorating Ideas

Cute and comfy college dorm apartment decorating ideas (32)

As a college student, your living arrangements will most likely go as follows: dorms freshman year, and maybe even sophomore year, and then apartments/off-campus housing junior and senior year.

Dorms are usually a fun experience for incoming freshmen in college. You’re living away from home for the first time, meeting new people your age and getting acclimated to college life. What can be even more fun, though, is when you’re really on your own, living in off-campus housing. You get to gather a group of friends together, sign a lease on an apartment or house, and begin your journey as upperclassmen.

What you also have the opportunity for, which you may not have had in the dorms because of certain other restrictions, is decorating.
Here are seven DIY ideas to decorate your space:

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