70+ Cool Hidden Gun Storage Furniture Ideas

70+ cool hidden gun storage furniture ideas (49)

Guns you use for self defense are not something you hang on your wall as trophies or leave around the house like they are regular objects. If you have a family and you don’t live alone then you definitely know how dangerous is to leave a weapon unsupervised around the house. There were lots of cases in the media of children playing with loaded guns and only a few of those ended well.

When you have a gun in the house you need to make sure you find it right where you left it and no one else can stumble upon it by mistake. This is why making a hidden gun storage place is an amazing idea. None of your family members (those who don’t have to know) will be able to tell where your gun is hidden and this way you’ll avoid problems.

Here we show you ideas to make saffety hidden gun storage.

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