50 Modern Studio Apartment Dividers Ideas on A Budget

50 modern studio apartment dividers ideas (16)

In a studio apartment where there aren’t many walls to mark the boundaries of rooms it becomes a must to invest in a room divider. We have discovered some cool room divider ideas. In a studio apartment while dividing your space you can make the room divider function as a second thing too like this room divider also serves as a shelving unit and a wall for TV.

If you are a fan of ultra modern stuff and even in the small area of your studio apartment you won’t settle for ordinary then you can opt for a room divider like this one that not only serves as a TV unit and a bookcase, but it can be easily revolved so that the TV screen can be viewed in different rooms whenever required.
For a touch of elegance in a micro apartment you can go for a wood screen that will not only divide the space but will also serve as a decorative accent in your apartment.

If you can’t go for something that costs you a few extra bucks then there is always a choice of recycled materials. Pallets are used extensively in interior design these days and you can easily build a dividing screen for your apartment too out of pallets.

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