50 Stylish Gray and White Kitchen Ideas

50 stylish gray and white kitchen ideas (38)

This gallery offers gorgeous gray and white kitchen ideas in a variety of design styles. Gray and white are both neutral colors and as such can compliment each other well. While gray is most often used in contemporary and modern kitchen designs it can also be used in traditional kitchens with beautiful results.

Gray is in the middle between black and white and is often associated with modern & sophisticated interior designs. From a mood standpoint, gray can have a depressing effect if overused. However, those who want a more delicate feel can opt for softer gray tones. While those who desire to evoke a sense of glamour often use a mix of gray tones.

White on the other hand is best represented by feelings of calmness, purity and represents feelings of cleanliness in an interior design. On the negative side it can be perceived as being associated with feelings of negativity and coldness. On the bright side, since white reflects light it can be used to make your kitchen space look brighter and larger.

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